Toys for Games is a small team that started off doing weekly podcasts on toys-to-life genre (Amiibo, Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions). After an episode they started to get more involved with the community and into more collectables like Funko Pop. They moved into the Twitter world where they give out live feeds of news to the collectable world and talk to other collectors. After weeks getting even more involved with the community, Josh Brown, one of the co-owners for Toys for Games, needed a website to source all their news, podcasts, giveaways and more. They needed a central station where collectors can go to.

Josh Brown tweeted out that he his looking into getting a website made. I tweeted back about making that site for Toys for Games. At first I started creating a new logo for him. Sending over comps after comps after comps to win him over why he should let me design and build his site. He finally gave in and went forward with one of the logos that was created. After getting the logo figured out, a Twitter header, giveaway promo banners and other collector graphics were made.

Started concepts for the new website, this was going to be build with a custom theme using WordPress as a content management system. This way we can get very detailed on the site and his team can make content easily without relying on any development. The site not only needed to work on any desktop but also for tablets and smartphones. If their audience is listening to them and reading tweets on mobile devices, why shouldn’t the website?


We went detailed on how each main toy franchise needed something unique, so a specific colors and icons were needed. The design was to match closely to the new logo and the layout easy enough to for everyone to read and eye-catching top stories. With using WordPress, making archive pages and category pages made development easier. Towards the end, we used an event calendar plug-in, the Events Calendar, to help collectors see up-coming figure releases and give them options to add them to their Google and Apple calendars.

Now with the website launched, expect to see content continuously build and more collectables being added to their site!

You can look at the Toys for Games website right here!